RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2015

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Waterworlds Arts Programme - Exhibition
Convenor(s) Veronica Vickery (University of Exeter, UK)
Chair(s) Veronica Vickery (University of Exeter, UK)
Session abstract This exhibition, featuring Lynn Imperatore's drawing project related to the loss of her childhood home to the sea, is part of the Waterworlds arts programme. It will be on show in the Forum throughout the week.
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There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea: Ash Wednesday, 1962 (drawing installation)
Lynn Imperatore (University of the West of England / HATCH Drawing Research Project)
I use drawing as a way to look deeper—sometimes to conjure re-collections of the ocean—as rhythmic visual invocations that map out fanciful pictorial compositions. Into this reverie of sketching, I include images of a lost childhood home, taken into the Atlantic by an (in)famous nor’easter that stalled and savaged coastal Long Beach Island, New Jersey in 1962.

Fifty years on—this site/sight situates a point of joy in an otherwise troubled early landscape. Happiness came in proximity to the ocean; then that proximal force reclaimed its gift. As I drew (upon) a personal loss, I discovered this same storm crossed the Atlantic to devastate Penzance, Cornwall. Thus the reconfiguration of one elemental event is multiplied in deaths and deficits; impacts which eluded my 10-year-old understanding at that time.

My project plots broader ramifications of the sea’s power—examining this singular event that flows and crashes in tides of memory on both sides of the Atlantic. Drawing gathers and builds in image traces—not unlike the progressions of a cumulative song “There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea”— that my father taught me in a place that would itself disappear into one such watery hole.