RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2016


102 Set in motion: walking the history of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) c.1830-2016
Convenor(s) Emily Hayes (University of Exeter / Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), UK)
Jane Wess (The University of Edinburgh / Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), UK)
Benjamin Newman (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK / Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), UK)
Chandan Mahal (Queen Mary University of London / Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), UK)
Jan Faull (Royal Holloway, University of London / Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), UK)
Natalie Cox (The University of Warwick / Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), UK)
Timetable Wednesday 31 August 2016, Session 3 (14:40 - 16:20)
Session abstract In the face of ongoing urban entropy and expansion, ‘the spirit of Geography’ would forever haunt certain corners of the city (Mill, 1930: 95). Thus averred Dr. Hugh Robert Mill author of Record of The Royal Geographical Society, 1830-1930 (1930). Responding to recent debates in human and historical geography the RGS-IBG Collaborative Doctoral Award (CDA) student collective invite delegates to travel through time by walking the architectural incarnations of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). Located at the interstice of embodied ways of knowing (Wylie 2005; della Dora 2009; Bissell 2009; MacDonald 2014), narrative strategies (Lorimer 2003 & 2012; DeSilvey 2012; Cameron 2012; MacDonald 2014) and performative geographies (Pearson 2006; Lorimer 2009; della Dora 2008; Cresswell & Merriman 2011), this exploratory session will take in the Society’s former homes and contingent knowledge making sites across central London, from Haymarket to ‘the shrine of geography’ (Mill, 1930: 13) at 1 Savile Row, through Clubland and to the Society’s present home at Lowther Lodge, South Kensington. Drawing on their investigations of the RGS-IBG’s textual archives and cartographic, instrument, lantern-slide and film collections, the RGS-IBG CDA student group will animate this tour of the Society’s history. For details of the CDA students projects: http://www.rgs.org/OurWork/Research+and+Higher+Education/AHRC+Collaborative+Doctoral+Awards/AHRC+Collaborative+Doctoral+Awards.htm. Pre-booking required - please see http://bit.ly/29ww64Z to book.
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