RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2016


173 TAGSCAPE: The Living Room
Convenor(s) Dominica Williamson (Plymouth University, UK)
John Martin (University of Plymouth, UK)
Timetable Thursday 01 September 2016, Session 2 (11:10 - 12:50)
Session abstract Workshop session (and afternoon exhibition)

Join the project TAGSCAPE to create, explore and discuss perceptual data with artist Dominica Williamson and geographer Dr. John Martin. They will take you on an outside/inside workshop. You will visit parkland where you will create mini-landscapes based on aspects of the environment that you choose to recreate through simulation or abstraction. You will then imbue these landscapes with data. The landscapes will be taken back to the conference and placed in the Living Room and shown alongside (via satellite link-up) a concurrent workshop running in a Forest-scape (Dartmoor) by landscape researcher Ryan Putt. The two workshop groups will discuss the data. The landscapes will be exhibited for the afternoon alongside other TAGSCAPE map-based work.

TAGSCAPE is a project that explores ways of visualizing information about natural landscapes and turning it into innovative maps that will engage the general public and not just the specialist. The project is interdisciplinary and has been funded by the Leverhulme Artist-in-Residency scheme.
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