RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2018

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Navigating Data Landscapes
Affiliation Digital Geographies Working Group
Timetable Tuesday 28 August 2018, Afternoon (13:00 - 17:30)
Room Glamorgan Building - Seminar Room -1.61
Session abstract Starts at 14.00

Manifold technological developments – from AI to cloud computing – are rapidly changing the landscape of the digital. Complementing the RGS-IBG’s conference theme (Geographical landscapes/changing landscapes of geography), these workshops invite participants to investigate the effects of machine vision on a variety of phenomena: the form of urban life, the experience of driving, the dynamics of war, and the nature of gaming. The workshops aim to provisionally address a number of questions regarding machine vision, and its effect on the ability to ‘navigate’ (literally, metaphorically, conceptually, methodologically) new data landscapes. To what extent does machine vision alter our perception of the world? How might its proliferation affect everyday interactions? And, finally, what new concepts, methods or vocabularies might be needed to comprehend such vision?

Participants are invited to sign-up to one of three sessions, before joining a panel discussion of Digital Geographies Working Group (DGWG) members, and others in the emerging field of digital geographies.
Session 1: A screening and discussion of Liam Young's film Renderlands (2017), which follows a group of local animators through the office environments where they work, the digital landscapes they produce, and the cities in which they live.
Session 2: An interactive exploration of the digital landscapes of virtual reality, video games, and driving simulations.
Session 3: A dive into the sometime murky waters of YouTube to explore, analyze, create and refine ‘terrain typologies’ present in autonomous vehicle videos.
Contact the conference organisers to request a change to session or paper details: ac2018@rgs.org