RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2019

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WITHDRAWN - The political ecology of being green: critiquing green energy (2)
Convenor(s) Jessica Hope (University of Bristol, UK)
Ed Atkins (University of Bristol, UK)
Chair(s) Jessica Hope (University of Bristol, UK)
Ed Atkins (University of Bristol, UK)
Timetable Wednesday 28 August 2019, Session 4 (16:50 - 18:30)
Room Line 23
Session abstract Political ecology reveals the contested and muti-scalar politics of nature(s), spanning debates about how nature(s) are conceptualized and governed. Broadly, it enables us to foreground and analyse the interconnections between natures, cultures, knowledges, power, and history (see Escobar 2017) and politicize ecologies that are often rendered apolitical within popular and policy discourse (Robbins 2011: 7). In this panel, we invite papers that use political ecology to extend how we view and critique green energies – from hydropower to new biofuels. At a time when the urgency of climate change is increasingly apparent (IPCC 2018), we seek to better understand routes to environmental wellbeing – specifically, the complex realities of green energies that are hidden by CO2 metrics. Transitions to green energies speak to the conference theme of geographies of hope and trouble, offering an unsettled future where green energy carbon metrics offer hope that is troubled by continuities of exploitation, extraction, and dispossession.

Our starting point is that energy is a particularly important site of study for political ecology, one that is not interchangeable with other ‘natural resources’ as energy provides the material basis of politics more broadly (Huber 2011). In this panel, papers examine the contested politics and unexpected outcomes of transitions to green energy.
Contact the conference organisers to request a change to session or paper details: ac2019@rgs.org