RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2020


Each call for contributions has its own deadline and process for submitting a paper proposal. Please read the call carefully and direct questions to the session organisers. This list of advertised sessions is not complete, and may also include sessions that will not be offered at conference.

The Society in no way endorses the wording or subject matter of Annual Conference sessions - titles and abstracts are the sole work of the session contacts listed.

Research Group

“I’m a Geographer”: Stories of academic identitySCGRG03-Feb-2020
“The Limits of my World”: Where geographies and philosophies of language meet 12-Feb-2020
Animal Mobilities: Reconsidering Animal Geography and Mobility Studies 11-Feb-2020
Anthropocene Islands 10-Feb-2020
Assessment, Feedback and Academic Standards in GeographyGeogEd10-Feb-2020
At the border of familyGCYFRG, PGF05-Feb-2020
Atmospheres of health and ill-healthGHWRG10-Feb-2020
Belonging and un-belonging in South Asia 10-Feb-2020
Beyond displacement: alternative agendas in urban redevelopment 08-Feb-2020
Beyond environmental inequalities: expanding the scope of urban environmental justice researchGJRG07-Feb-2020
Beyond the Borderlands – exploring sustainable rural futuresRGRG10-Feb-2020
Biotic Geographies: Unpicking Microbial Worlds in Health, Hygiene and Environmental Spaces 12-Feb-2020
Blurred boundaries: caring institutions in uncertain timesGHWRG07-Feb-2020
Blurring the borders between researcher and participant: The role of autoethnography within geographical researchPGF10-Feb-2020
Bordering 5G Futures: Geographies of Infrastructure, Data, and MediaDGRG11-Feb-2020
Bordering the Body, Bordering Empires: Historical Geographies of Science, Exploration and Imperialism.HGRG06-Feb-2020
Bordering the Middle East: actors, conflicts and migrationsPolGRG05-Feb-2020
Borders, bordering and sovereignty in cyberspaceDGRG07-Feb-2020
Borders, Mobilities and Frictions 03-Feb-2020
Borders, Performance and PerformativityPolGRG10-Feb-2020
Boundaries, Borders and De-colonising Food GeographiesFGWG11-Feb-2020
Bounding inequality: Quantitative methods and approachesQMRG12-Feb-2020
Breaking borders: human trafficking, forced labour and modern slavery 31-Jan-2020
Breaking the Borders of Home: Transformations of Care and Reproductive WorkGFGRG31-Jan-2020
Breaking the rural-urban border: upscaling urban agriculture as a food systems solutionFGWG09-Feb-2020
Brexit; (Re-)Bordering Britain and Northern Ireland’s Rural RegionsRGRG09-Feb-2020
Can young people move beyond #FridaysforFuture and claim ‘actual’ spaces of climate action? 03-Feb-2020
Challenging Borders in Cultural LandscapesPGF07-Feb-2020
Changing purposes and practices of the library as borderSCGRG31-Jan-2020
Contemporary Elites and Global Inequalities 31-Jan-2020
Contested democracy in Latin American cities: Emerging trends and concepts 03-Feb-2020
Co-producing Britain’s Post-Brexit Agri-Environment Policy – Overcoming Borders, Boundaries and Other Obstacles 04-Feb-2020
Creative approaches to everyday historical geographies 15-Jan-2020
Crisis in Latin America: symptoms and consequences for urban Children and YouthGCYFRG, DevGRG05-Feb-2020
Critical Geopolitics of the Belt and Road Initiative: Discourses, Practices and Theories 30-Jan-2020
Crossing the boundary between academia and activism: Postgraduate stories and practices of resistancePGF07-Feb-2020
Crossing The Line, Blurring the Edge: Youthful Border Transgressions, Transpositions and TransformationsGCYFRG10-Feb-2020
Current and Emerging Research in TransportTGRG07-Feb-2020
Curzonic geographies/Reading ‘Frontiers’ 07-Feb-2020
Data Glitches: Migration, Borders and Digital Humanitarianism 24-Jan-2020
Deep learning approaches in GIScienceGIScRG31-Jan-2020
Developing Climate Resilient Pathways through Adaptation and Mitigation: Synergies and ConflictsCCRG10-Feb-2020
Developing Food GeographiesFGWG, PGF07-Feb-2020
Digital Labour Geographies, Gig Work Futures – Extending the ConversationGFGRG, DGRG31-Jan-2020
Digitising Geographies of Indigenous Folklore in the Global South: Colonial and Decolonial PraxisDevGRG10-Feb-2020
Disarticulated subjects 03-Feb-2020
Drawing the line. Theories and Practices of Boundary Delimitation in European and Colonial Territories (Eighteenth-Twentieth Century)HPGRG07-Feb-2020
Earth and its Others: the Geographies of Science Fiction 07-Feb-2020
Earth Unbound: Climate change, activism and ecological justice 12-Feb-2020
Embodying Global Black Geographies: Living, Thinking and Writing in Today’s World 24-Jan-2020
Emerging geographies of micro-living and shifting borders of the homespace 04-Feb-2020
EURODAC, hotspots, repatriation routes: (trans)formations of socio-technical assemblages of the European border regimeHPGRG09-Feb-2020
Everest as a space of exception: globalization, bordering and adventure 31-Jan-2020
Exchange and twinning in an age of borders: (inter)nationalism, mobility, encounter, and participation 07-Feb-2020
Existing In-Between – The Borders and Bordering of Political Geographic ResearchPolGRG11-Feb-2020
Exploring Climate Change Perceptions: From awareness to efficacy 06-Feb-2020
Exploring the Geographies of Social Movement-Government Relations 05-Feb-2020
Families on the edge: family experiences of location and marginalisationGCYFRG07-Feb-2020
Feminist geographies of legal pluralism, activism and everyday justiceGFGRG31-Jan-2020
Festivals and the city: the festivalisation of public spaceGLTRG31-Jan-2020
Film, geography, practice, politics: navigating the borderlands of film production 22-Jan-2020
Financial Sector Power and Democracy 12-Feb-2020
Food planning. Farming, public action and food for cities: spaces and scalesFGWG10-Feb-2020
Food Urbanism. Landscapes of exchange, interaction and attachmentFGWG10-Feb-2020
Friedrich Engels and GeographyHPGRG10-Feb-2020
From Privatopias to Urban Commoning: Commodification and Decommodification of/in Urban Space 12-Feb-2020
FUZZY BOUNDARIES Threshold between Water and Land 07-Feb-2020
Gated Communities: The Making and Unmaking of Borders 09-Feb-2020
Genocidal Imaginations and Bounded Embodiments 10-Feb-2020
Geocultural Geographies 12-Feb-2020
Geographies of Autonomous Urban Transport 10-Feb-2020
Geographies of collecting, gleaning and rummaging 10-Feb-2020
Geographies of Displacement 10-Feb-2020
Geographies of Eye-Tracking / Eye-Tracking GeographiesDGRG10-Feb-2020
Geographies of Green Economic Restructuring 12-Feb-2020
Geographies of smart urban experimentation: Promises, perils and pitfallsDGRG10-Feb-2020
Geographies of tourism and food: intersecting travel and sustainable food futuresGLTRG, FGWG07-Feb-2020
Geographies of war-care 07-Feb-2020
Global urban frontiers 07-Feb-2020
'Good Food for All’? Overcoming borders between ‘alternative food’ and anti-hunger activismFGWG06-Feb-2020
Governing in a climate emergency: putting #climateemergency declarations into practiceCCRG13-Feb-2020
Historical geographies of environmental futures 10-Feb-2020
Housing and the value of attention 10-Feb-2020
In it together! Intergenerational, creative responses to climate changeGCYFRG, CCRG10-Feb-2020
Inequalities in the Cities of Global South 11-Feb-2020
Infrastructures of Solidarity: The spatial politics of political organisingPolGRG01-Feb-2020
Innovative Digital Geographies: Pushing against quantitative and qualitative boundariesDGRG, GIScRG31-Jan-2020
Intergenerational boundaries and migratory borders 31-Jan-2020
Labour, Work-life and the Urban 12-Feb-2020
Legacies of austerity: what, who, and when does it leave behind?SCGRG, EGRG, PyGyRG05-Feb-2020
LGBTQ Liveability in Rural SpacesSSQRG31-Jan-2020
Literary Geography Session: Literary borders and bordering 10-Feb-2020
Lived experiences of state bordering technologies 09-Feb-2020
Locating climate action and policy in urban and regional geographyCCRG13-Feb-2020
Lost in translation: Beyond the bounds of language and migrationPopGRG10-Feb-2020
Manufacturing precarity? Repression and resistance in the global sweatshopEGRG07-Feb-2020
Mapping Desire – 25 years on: legacies, lessons, and lacunae 31-Jan-2020
Marginalised participation: Experiences and barriers in the borderlands of active travelTGRG06-Feb-2020
Mentoring in the social, cultural and feminist geographies of health, wellbeing and disability.GHWRG07-Feb-2020
Mind the gap! Possibilities across the ‘borderland’ between geography as an academic discipline and school subjectGeogEd10-Feb-2020
Minorities in South Asia: Contesting bordering processesGFGRG11-Feb-2020
Monuments, Memory, #MemesPolGRG, SSQRG03-Feb-2020
Moral geographies for human-environment futures 07-Feb-2020
More than energy: Intersecting geographies of energy, society and economyEnGRG30-Jan-2020
Nature, Health and Digital: Transcending Borders of Exclusion into Nature Through Innovation in Digital and Immersive SolutionsDGRG, GLTRG07-Feb-2020
Navigating, disrupting and re-working the borders of multiple citizenshipsSCGRG07-Feb-2020
Navigating, negotiating and contesting borders in higher educationGeogEd10-Feb-2020
Negotiating home and the border 03-Feb-2020
Negotiating racialised, gendered and classed borders within urban political movements 03-Feb-2020
Neoliberalization and marketization of education and alternative narratives or practicesGeogEd10-Feb-2020
New and Emerging Research in Historical GeographyHGRG07-Feb-2020
New and emerging research within Gender and Feminist GeographiesGFGRG, PGF12-Feb-2020
New Geographies of Financial CentresEGRG07-Feb-2020
New horizons in retail geographyEGRG31-Jan-2020
New Themes and Methods from Emerging Population GeographersPopGRG12-Feb-2020
Non-representational geographies: approaches, methods and practicesHPGRG, SCGRG07-Feb-2020
Nutrition from the wild: the bordering of cultivated and uncultivated foodsFGWG13-Feb-2020
Of migration and markets: economic geographies of mobility and migration 13-Feb-2020
On Methods of Thing-Following 05-Feb-2020
Palestinian futures: anticipations, embodiments and politics of temporality 10-Feb-2020
Pharmaceutical Border Crossings 31-Jan-2020
Photography and the city: new approaches, methodologies and practices 07-Feb-2020
Plastic GeographiesGCYFRG, PERG, SCGRG07-Feb-2020
Play, leisure and recreation: Beyond the borders 07-Feb-2020
Postgraduate Snapshots of Borders, Borderlands and BorderingSCGRG13-Feb-2020
Public food procurement – defining and working within bordersFGWG10-Feb-2020
Public/private (b)orderings 07-Feb-2020
Regional Cooperation for Sustainable Tourism Development in Southeast AsiaGLTRG10-Feb-2020
Relational Geographies of the Voluntary SectorGHWRG07-Feb-2020
Remote controlled care in homes: critical reflections on healthcare technologiesGHWRG07-Feb-2020
Renewable capitalism? Energy-capital relations in a low-carbon world 03-Feb-2020
Researching spatial injustice – ‘making a difference’GJRG14-Feb-2020
Rethinking barriers to sustainable rural energy accessEnGRG, DevGRG30-Jan-2020
Rethinking climate justice through the environmental knowledges and practices of immigrants to Global North communitiesCCRG10-Feb-2020
Rethinking institutions and institutional change in economic geographyEGRG07-Feb-2020
Rethinking varieties of entrepreneurial governance in relation to urban infrastructure 07-Feb-2020
Re-turning to the complexities of ‘return’ migrationPopGRG31-Jan-2020
Right to Landscape and Democracy: Conceptual Borders and Borderline Practices 03-Feb-2020
Rivers as Borders? 31-Jan-2020
Robot spatialities: technologies, affordances, affectsDGRG12-Feb-2020
Rural Populism: New Emerging Political Geographies of the RuralRGRG07-Feb-2020
Socio-spatial patterns of energy infrastructure: investigating the spatiality of energy infrastructure through the low carbon challengeEnGRG11-Feb-2020
Solidarity/Community Economies: prefiguring a post-capitalist future? 17-Jan-2024
Speculative Thinking 03-Feb-2020
Start-ups and sector coalescence: transgressing industrial boundariesEGRG07-Feb-2020
Sustainability Risks in Global Production, Distribution, and ConsumptionEGRG05-Feb-2020
Teaching and Learning in Geography: inspiring courage and compassion in the pedagogic borderlandsGeogEd10-Feb-2020
Technologies of adaptation governance: power, politics, possibility 03-Feb-2020
The Border as Speculative Infrastructure: between probabilities and possibilities 12-Feb-2020
The Bordering Process of Transnational Migrants in Urban Spaces: Multiplicity and EmbeddednessPopGRG, PGF10-Feb-2020
The borderlands of motherhood and academiaGFGRG31-Jan-2020
The Borders of Citizenship and Citizenship of/in the BorderGJRG10-Feb-2020
The City We Want: Against the Banality of Urban Planning ResearchGJRG13-Feb-2020
The Climate of FinanceEGRG, CCRG07-Feb-2020
The cultural and creative industries: pathways beyond economic growth 31-Jan-2020
The Disorders of Bordering 07-Feb-2020
The Future of Quantitative Geography: Critical Engagements, Conceptual Borders.QMRG12-Feb-2020
The Material Politics of Migration: methods, ethics and nonhuman lifeCGWG27-Jan-2020
The politics of mobility futuresTGRG03-Feb-2020
The Politics of Refusal 04-Feb-2020
The politics of terminology within resistance geographies: Revisiting Cindi Katz’ distinctions between resistance, resilience and reworkingGFGRG07-Feb-2020
The Presence and Impact of Spatial Boundaries in Transport GeographyTGRG07-Feb-2020
The Relational North: Regional identities and political aspirations 09-Feb-2020
The transformation of urban neighbourhoods: Challenges and opportunities for reducing car dependenceTGRG07-Feb-2020
The vulnerability of/to power: ontology, incapacity and politics 11-Feb-2020
Theorizing climate urbanism from the everyday: towards new research directions 27-Jan-2020
Tourism geographies of the futureGLTRG31-Jan-2020
Tourism Scholarship and Knowledge Co-creation on Southeast AsiaGLTRG10-Feb-2020
Tracing, Traversing and Transgressing Borders in Rural GeographyRGRG07-Feb-2020
Trafficking (and) BordersDevGRG, GJRG05-Feb-2020
Transformational food geographies? Pushing new boundaries in exploring markets, ‘consumers’ and food systemsFGWG11-Feb-2020
Transformative infrastructures in urban Africa 10-Feb-2020
Transgressing disciplinary borders in the production of knowledge: Exploring the power of pragmatism to shape research, ideas and practice 06-Feb-2020
Transnational Dimensions of the Far RightRACE, PolGRG03-Feb-2020
Un/doing borders of finance: dimensions and trajectories of European financial integration 07-Feb-2020
Un-bordering ‘knowledge exchange and impact’: Reinvigorating participatory methodologies of scholar-activism 04-Feb-2020
Unbordering resource extraction: Conversations between anti-racist, decolonial, feminist and Indigenous critiques of the extractive industriesRACE, PolGRG08-Feb-2020
Understanding the heterogeneity of regional energy transitions: opportunities and limitations for regional developmentEnGRG05-Feb-2020
Understanding Transitions to Sustainable Urban Mobility in Global South CitiesTGRG10-Feb-2020
Unknowing Geographies: Situating ignorance, inattention and erasureHPGRG10-Feb-2020
Unpacking Geographies of FinTechEGRG07-Feb-2020
Urban Borderlands: Conditions, Processes and Implications 31-Jan-2020
Urban Inequalities and the Social Contract in The Global South 07-Feb-2020
Urbanisation from Below 10-Feb-2020
Value/s, space and place in geography 11-Feb-2020
Visualizing Big Geospatial Data in Critical Geography and Critical GIScience 28-Jan-2020
Ways of speaking as if through soil: The strange material of rural forgettingsRGRG12-Feb-2020
What’s behind the fence?: Exploring the secret lives of ambivalent owners, dead land and empty buildings 10-Feb-2020
Working at the edge: Performative and material bodies in mobile livesGFGRG05-Feb-2020
Working with the spoken word in human geography: Learning together from empirical instancesArea10-Feb-2020
Worlds of wisdom: ontologies of geography, philosophy and geosophyHPGRG12-Feb-2020
Young People and Housing 31-Jan-2020