RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2020


Breaking the Borders of Home: Transformations of Care and Reproductive Work

Research Group Affiliation(s)
Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group
Geographers have been at the forefront of showing how the increasing commodification of care has transformed the landscapes of reproductive labour both within and beyond the home (Green & Lawson 2011). A growing workforce of domestic workers, nannies, cleaners, au-pairs, early child-care, elder care and personal support workers are relied upon for the functioning of our capitalist societies, networking homes into global flows of labour and remittances (cf. Wills et al. 2010). Simultaneously, a large share of reproductive work remains unpaid
(feminised) labour – squeezed into ever shorter time-frames (cf. Fraser 2016), largely unseen yet profoundly connected to local and national economies and government policies. Our session aims at exploring these current transformations in paid and unpaid reproductive labour. We’re interested in conceptual as well as empirical contributions on (but by no means limited to):
• the (changing) meanings of care and reproductive work and the subjectivities, spaces and geographies it produces
• how and under what conditions care work is negotiated and performed as paid, partly paid or unpaid labour
• how reproductive labour is shaped by state policies and regulations and (gendered) norms
• the links between intimate encounters in and beyond the home and unequal global gendered/ethnicised divisions of labour
• alternative ways of caring and conceptualising care
• care worker organising and other forms of activism, protest and critique
Instructions for Authors
Please send your paper proposals (title, author affiliation and abstract of max. 250 words) to r.cox@bbk.ac.uk and karin.schwiter@geo.uzh.ch by Friday, January 31st, 2020
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