RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2018


Remaking geographical landscapes of participation

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Recent scholarship in geography and cognate disciplines has turned to consider participation and democracy as objects of study in themselves. This has brought forward an interest in practices of democracy and participation in the making (e.g. Marres, 2012; Chilvers & Kearnes, 2016; Lezaun et al. 2017). Rather than being pre-given external categories, the subjects, objects and models of democracy are seen to be co-produced and emerge through the performance of collective practices. A second emerging development is increasing interest in broader landscapes of participation and democracy (Hendriks, 2009; Mansbridge et al, 2012; Nadai, 2011), further transcending the methodological and single case focus of earlier participation work. This impetus motivates situated studies of experiments in democracy in situ as they emerge, as they become technologized and standardised, as they are translated and embedded in particular institutional contexts, or as they intermingle in particular systems, constitutions, and issue spaces (e.g. Pallett, 2015; Soneryd, 2016; Laurent, 2017). An interest in landscapes of participation and democracy also draws attention to the material dimensions of these practices. This opens up the potential for new forms of academic intervention and experimentation where geographers might deliberately create new socio-material configurations in ways that respond to ongoing emergence, exclusions, uncertainties and effects of participation (e.g. Horst & Michael, 2011; Waterton & Tsouvalis, 2016; Voss, 2016) in order to remake landscapes of participation.
This panel welcomes contributions on but not limited to the following themes:

• Landscapes of participation – studies of institutional contexts, systems, constitutions or issue spaces within which multiple forms of participation intermingle
• Situated case studies of the performance of participation and democratic practices interpreted in the context of landscapes of participation
• Comparative studies of cases of participation, their trans-local circulation, and effects
• Accounts of connections, interminglings, overflows, and conflicts of different forms / processes of participation
• Interventionist studies and experiments in participation aiming to remake landscapes of participation

This session will take the form of multiple paper presentations of 15 minutes, with time at the end of the session for questions and broader discussion.
Instructions for Authors
Please send your abstracts of no more than 250 words to Helen Pallett (h.pallett@uea.ac.uk) by the deadline of Wednesday 14th February.
Call For Papers Deadline
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