RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2016


Nexus Thinking in Gentrification Studies

Research Group Affiliation(s)
Urban Geography Research Group
Rural Geography Research Group
Most scholars in gentrification studies, if not all, have long been open to and inclusive of different geographies of gentrification. Debates over time around different geographies of gentrification have triggered useful reflections on the process, theories of it, its key concepts, and the term itself. Those scholars who have been open and inclusive have sought to reconceptualise and re-theorise gentrification in light of different geographies, those who have not have often retrenched into older, classic ideas about gentrification or rejected the gentrification label itself.

This session seeks to foster new debate on both old and new geographies of gentrification - in the loosest sense – from rural gentrification to new-build gentrification, from Latin American gentrification to Anglo-American gentrification, from pioneer gentrification to creative gentrification, and so on. In particular we focus on the connections and disconnections, the inclusions and exclusions, around different geographies of gentrification. Indeed, one might say that we are looking for nexus thinking with respect to the geographies of gentrification: considering how gentrification emerges in contexts of growing interdependencies, irreconcilable demands and complex and contested trade-offs between different human and more-than-human actants located in differentiated and yet inter-connected places. In these sessions we will seek to re-evaluate where we are at in 21st Century gentrification studies and indeed where we need to be.
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